Sience 2009

Keivani Architects Studio was established in 2009 by two architect brothers Nima Keivani and Sina Keivani. Nima keivani was born in Astara/Iran in 1981, He graduated in Master of Architecture from central Tehran branch. From 2002 to 2008 he worked at Architectural consulting companies. Sina Keivani was born in Astara, Iran on May 19, 1987. He studied master of architecture at the Islamic Azad University on 2015.


Keyvani Architects practice has been concentrating on spiritual dimension of architecture, in which the creation of meaningful, enriched, and innovative spaces is remarked as a significant task. Relying on their theoretical and practical experiences, the design team utilizes up-to-dated methods and technologies to actualize the generated ideas, in which social, environmental and economic sustainability is in the core. Their creativity and ideas are usually influenced by regional culture and environmental circumstances, which in a global scale, make their practice novel, unique, and useful for human society.


Sina Keivani

Founder | Architect | Chef atelier

Nima Keivani

CEO | Founder | Architect | Chef atelier

Think tank

Amin Taghavi far

Master in civil engineering | Shiraz University

Akbar Khalaj

Master in architecture | Iran University of Science and Technology

Ladan Mostofi

Bachelor in architecture | Islamic Azad University

Nastaran Eidani

Master in architecture and urban design | Polytechnic University of Milan | Italy

Saeideh Khosravi

Master in architecture | Universita degli studi di firenze | Italy

Mohammad Mashouf

Bachelor in electrical engineering | Islamic Azad University

Farzan Shahin

Master in architecture | Islamic Azad University

Setareh Esfandiari

Bachelor in architecture | Islamic Azad University

Asma Nosraty

Master in architecture | Islamic Azad University

Mehrdad Amini

Project Manager | Islamic Azad University

Mehdi Khosravani

Civil Engineer | Islamic Azad University

Tina Mankasarian

Master in architecture | Architecture and Art University | Armenia

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