Persian Primavera studio provides services for the architectural and interior design. Solmaz Fooladi as a founder and the chief creator of Persian Modern direction has the ability to combine various styles harmoniously. It is an unusual compound of the present European rigor and ancient Eastern heat. There are no any restrictions in stylistic decisions or complexity of objects for architect Solmaz Fooladi. Despite the fact that she has Iranian roots, she has been working for more than 15 years in Ukraine. As a result, she creates unique architectural and design objects.

The company Berlucchi srl was established in December 1981 by the brothers Francesco and Roberto Berlucchi, carrying on the professional activity of their father Eng. Antonio. Today, the company works on new buildings and on restorations and is divided in two sections: Eng. Roberto Berlucchi is responsible of the Designing division, meanwhile his son, Eng. Nicola Berlucchi is responsible of the Restoration division. The designing team is composed by two senior partner engineers and nine employees (engineers, architects and technicians).

The company ITALIANA COSTRUZIONI SPA founded in 1975 by Claudio Navarra and currently led by his sons, Attilio and Luca, has carried on the centuries-old tradition of the Navarra family in the construction industry, dating from 1880. ITALIANA COSTRUZIONI is headquartered in Rome, where the company’s technical and administrative departments are located, while its Milan office coordinates construction activities in northern Italy. Operations fields: – private clients: construction hotels, shopping centres – public works: residential, industrial, university construction, projects for the military and branches of law enforcement – the restoration of churches, buildings of noteworthy historical and artistic interest subject – infrastructures, roadways, urban development – residential for the real-estate sector Over the last five years, the steady growth expressed by a significant increase in its revenue, the professional experience gained through considerable investment in terms of human resources have enabled the company to achieve high quality standards.

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