Design name:Mehr KhanehContemporary House in Ukraine with Iranian ancient architecture concept by Iranian architects
Design firms: Persian Primavera & Keivani Architects
Location: Street Ostrovskovo / Kiev / Ukraine
Architects in charge: Solmaz Fooladi , Nima Keivani, Sina Keivani
Client: Studio Persian Primavera
Design Associates / Team: Ladan Mostofi, Konstantin Starodubtsev
Executive Manager: Solmaz Fooladi
Graphic: Sina Keivani
Building Type: Residential interior design
Photoghrafer: Sergey Savchenko
Project area: 101 square meter
Date of Construction: June 2016
*Studio Persian Primavera form Ukraine
*Keivani Architects from Iran
**Mehr Khaneh is meaning house of the Sun. please use exactly all text about name and design firms, this is so important

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